The Breaking Free-Family Legacy Connection

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     Here is a webcam presentation of the connection between the ministry parent, Breaking Free From Financial Bondage and the ministry offspring, The Year of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry. The biblical content of both help us to 

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The Family Legacy “Summer Slam” Economic Empowerment Workshop

Objective: The recession we are coming out of has been described as “the worst since the great depression”. The problem for many today is not having the knowledge of the depths the “great depression” almost devastated the country The objective of this four session workshop is to “shop” for biblical answers and “work” those answers into long lasting solutions. Each Session is 2 hrs each.

  • Dates: Tuesday July 17, 2012 11am & 7:00pm Saturday July 21, 2012 10:00am     
  • Tuesday July 21, 2012 11am & 7:00pm Saturday July 28, 2012 10:00am 

 Here are the Four Areas Under Consideration: 

Debt and Consumer Education This Ministry is called to end the “debt culture which plagues many families.  The first steps we will take will be debt and credit management.  Primary focus will be upon your “then” so that we can help you arrive at a more blessed “now”.  We will look at what the three credit bureaus have in their computer banks about you and help you get it cleaned up.  You deserve to have your second chance to live “the God kind of life”.  You may have had some challenges in your “then” but “now” iscalling you to make your future better.

“Brothers, I do not consider myself to have taken hold of it.  But one thing I do; forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus”  Philippians 3:13,14 NIV.

 (1) Understanding Credit (2) Understanding Credit Scoring

(3) Avoiding Credit Traps  (4) Restoring Your Credit 

 Home Ownership

While the national rate for home ownership in the United States approaches 70%, less than 50% of African Americans and Hispanics own homes.  The Year of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry enrollees will be taught the economic benefits of home ownership and how to secure affordable mortgages.  No mortgage should put the home or homeowners in slavery.

“… Some were saying, ‘we and our sons and daughters are numerous, in order for us to eat and stay alive, we must get grain’.  Others were saying, ‘we are mortgaging our fields, our vineyards and our homes to get grain during the famine’.  Still others were saying, ‘we have had to borrow money to pay the king’s tax on our fields and vineyards’Nehemiah 5:1-4 NIV.

(1)    Qualifying for a Mortgage  (2) Avoiding Predatory Lenders (3) Choosing the Right Mortgage (4) The Loan Application Process (5) The Closing Process  (6) The Risk of Foreclosure

Investment Basics and Insurance Education

Steps toward wealth accumulation are grounded in long term financial planning, investment discipline and saving. The Year of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry teaches wealth accumulation through materials that focus on understanding financial services and counseling for future decisions which will affect your family’s wisdom for insurance, education and other needs.

“You may say to yourself, My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me.  But remember the Lord your God for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth and so confirms His covenant which he swore to your forefathers , as it is today  Deuteronomy 8:17,18 NIV.

(1)  The Action Plan (2) Investment Clubs (3) The Market System (4) Insurance Education (5) Brokerage services ~ Stocks, Mutual Funds, Retirement/Estate Planning, etc.  (6)  Purchasing Church Bonds 

Technology As A Resource

Attention will be given to increase the understanding and use of technology as an educational resource. Enrollees in The Year of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry will also:

ü  Join The Year of Jubilee Web Community

ü  Receive your free Internet Web Access

ü  Learn to use the Internet as an Economic Empowerment resource

ü  Receive explanation of electronic bill payment/transfer services

ü  Learn about privacy issues relating to Internet transactions 

    “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” John 14:12 NIV. 


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Build Your Family’s Legacy

Conduct A Family Assessment

For more than 13 years I have longed to be used of God to create a biblical stewardship ministry which allowed our families to meet two financial needs at the same time. One, create the financial income to meet your family needs and two, that this creation of financial income will come from the faith and word ethic of each family member. 

I believe for too long we have relied on companies and corporations who are not native to your family giftings to provide their products, marketing plans and fundraising structures to raise funds for them with a portion to come back to you,  such as candy and donut companies. They provide the products, we provide the labor, the time, and the gas to deliver these items or mail them with hopes of reaching a certain goal. Their products drive and motivate our efforts.

I think it is time we change this practice. I Thessalonians 4:11,12 states, “And that ye study to be quiet and to do your own business and to work with your own hands as we commanded you; that ye may walk honestly toward them that are without and that ye may have lack of nothing” KJV. What is native to us should be researched among us – identifying the gifts and talents we possess then do a serious assessment of these gifts and talents for their ability to create the framework for an  enhancing work which may be structured, marketed and promoted to create the income for ourselves and for our households. 

All of us are working for someone else, helping them reach their goals of income and continued viability as a business entity. The workforce sustains the life of that particular company. Where you work depends on you. If you were fired or laid off, they would either do without you or get someone else to replace you. In every business, you the worker become the producer and is rewarded for it weekly or monthly. But in the back of my mind, I keep hearing the command of God to Adam in Genesis 2:15 “and the Lord God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it”.

What Is The Biblical Pattern

Who did Adam work for? What was the original business Adam was placed into? Adam was more than an employee, the text says “God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it”.  The same God who headed creation’s corporation, gave Adam the dressing and keeping intelligence then placed him in the leadership position in the Garden of Eden to oversee it. Adam had two responsibilities, to dress it (organize) and to keep it (manage). Organizing and managing other persons affairs is the work of a steward, the stewardship includes the talent, time and resourcefulness applied to meet the requirements of the organizing and management task.  

 Additionally, when the disciples were selected, they were appointed as the stewards of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Each had specific tasks to perform as stewards of Jesus to help him build (organize and manage) the Kingdom of God in the earth. When Jesus was crucified, resurrected and went back to heaven to sit at the right hand of the father (Hebrews 12:2),  these 12 Disciples (apprentices) became the leaders.  

The Bible Based Family

Since I introduced The Bible Based Family: A Plan For Economic Empowerment in 1996, I have been counseling families to pass on the biblical ethic of legacy living. That ethic is described in II Timothy 1:6,7 “wherefore I put thee in rememberance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my handsFor God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind” KJV. This Power enables us to live within our means, Love disciplines us to save and invest wisely, and a sound mind empowers us to get out of debt, not to ascribe to the fancy cars, fur coats and diamond rings facade of the get-rich-quick culture that we believe sets forth the wrong priorities in people’s lives.   

As God did with Adam, we believe we must initiate this ethic within our families. We must teach the organizing and management intelligence for the stability of our families. It is through The Family Legacy Institute that we achieve these organizing and management principles. The Family Legacy Institute merges Christian Education and Christian Entrepreneurship. I believe it is our task to build the Kingdom on earth with it. 

The Family Legacy Institute

The Family Legacy Institute is a 12 Month Christian education ministry that sets before families the Eden Value System. The Eden Value System is derived from God’s Original Plan, (Gen.1:26-31; 2:7-25) and facilitates the faith walk for every family.  The 12 Month Institute Curriculum is derived from the letters that spell F.A.M.I.L.Y. and develops the first six month’s themes along with the Christian Calendar that highlight the life of Christ. The second six months carry six principles of Nguzo Saba or the cultural foundations of KWANZAA: 

                               January – The Foundation Of The Family

February – The Attitude Of The Family

March – The Mission and Ministry of The Family

April – The Investment and Interest of The Family

May – The Learning and Loving of The Family

June – The Yield of The Family

July – The Family and Self Determination

August – The Family and Collective Work & Responsibility

September – The Family & Cooperative Economics

October – The Purpose of The Family

November – The Creativity of The Family

 December – The Faith of The Family

    In our next blog, we will detail The Year of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry Curriculum for January – December 2013 Pass the Word …..

 Education ~ Evangelism ~ Economic Empowerment

 Ronnie D. Joyner, D.Min.

 P.O. Box 1446

Norfolk, VA 23501

1 866-540-0745

E-mail –

Follow me on Twitter – @docrdj  







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The Principle: The Luke 6:38 Stewardship Principle – Part I

     Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38 KJV.

     Luke 6:38 is a key text in the consistent biblical teaching on ‘principles. Principles are fundamental laws and teachings whose inherent lessons become the standards for proper conduct. As a principle in this instance, Luke 6:38 is a spiritual axiom upon which values, relationships, attitudes and responsibility are built. Problems don’t have to remain a fixed burden in one’s life if you can align yourself with the right principles. Promises can evolve into solutions when there is the right principle attached. Luke 6:38 provides such a principle our financial problem and biblical promises can run its thread through and weave a needed salvation for our lives. Let’s get a better handle on Values, Relationships, Attitudes and Responsibilities. They are primary and important sections in the construct of our lives.

As we move through this stewardship rendering, we will find that there are values or outlets of standards, conduits of discipline which can be used when the principle of Luke 6:38 is utilized. We will further see the dynamics of consistency this principle releases as relationships are viewed as axioms for redemption. The prefix, “re” suggests again, anew, going backward in order to go forward, is an interjection which implies emphasis and in this instance the emphasis will be to reconnect and review the features of faith to sustain us in the quest of godliness. One’s spiritual position will be under examination. This undergirding will be reviewed in attitude. Attitude has to do with the motivation or genesis of our functioning as a godly people.

If the right principle is in place, then right action should proceed from it. Then finally, this principle births responsibility. It helps define the quality of a person. A persons’ quality is revealed when righteous sensibility becomes the basis of one’s reaction. In this instance you are ultimately the moral agent of accountability. Values, relationships, attitudes and responsibility, these are the offsprings of the Luke 6:38 principle.

On most Sundays we recite this text before we present our tithes and offerings unto God. We use Luke 6:38 as a biblical guide and principle for stewardship and living. The entire chapter is filled with the teaching of Jesus. His teaching provides an excellent monologue on the virtue of being dialogical and building fruitful interactive relationships.

A brief overview of the text is helpful. Verses 1-10 gives us the relationship principle of eating and healing on the Sabbath. In verses 12-16 we see the relationship principle of prayer as well as Jesus’ selection of the 12 disciples. In verses 17, 19 we are taken to a healing session with persons from Judea, Jerusalem and the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon and shown how Jesus provided healing for their tormented conditions. Verses 20-23 allows us to hear Jesus speak about the principles of those in Kingdom relationships. Verses 24-26 gives caution to those relationships with material possessions, personal images, carefree lifestyles ‘and public opinions based on the wrong principles. Verses 27-37teaches the supremacy of the principle and place of Love as it relates to one’s enemies, the need for mercy and equity in judging matters. Verses 38-49 continues the parameters of His principles in appropriating them relationally. Luke 6 is an excellent body of teaching in revealing the principles of Jesus as they give rise to the promises inherent in Kingdom alignment as we engage them to overcome the problems which beset us.       

Notice the evolving principle in Luke 6:38. The command Give starts a process which informs an established principle. In its greek form, didomi is a verb which describes the activity toward another. It is modified by its connection. It is connected to- “and it shall be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. . . “  

The “it” in this segment of the text is more than just a neutral pronoun, but rather “it” is used as the subject of a verb that expresses the character and condition of the command “give.” When one obeys the command, look at the response:

  • Good Measure – (kalos) expresses the value or virtue of “it.”
  • Pressed Down – (piezo) expresses the positioning, packing or squeezing of “it.”
  • Shaken Together – (seimos) expresses the agitation, or created commotion involved with “it.”
  • Running Over – (huperekchuno) expresses the overflow, exceeding abundance, the richness of “it”.

This Luke 6:38 principle provides an understanding of the worth and value of that in which we give, the performance or function of that gift as it is compacted into a utilized assembly, then the excitement this gift precipitates as it is placed in relationship with its receiver and finally, the abundant inundated surplus with inherent richness.

                                There are four areas to be explored in this segment:

         A. A Personal-Practical Principle        B. The Principle In Practice

          C. Practicing The Principle       D. The Precipitation of the Principle

 This teaching from the lips of Jesus comprises lifestyle directives. These directives help you obtain the best principled instructions for living in order that you may experience the best in living. At the core of this teaching is a cycle process, a stimulus – godly reacting to that previous action through giving. Here we have an eternal process which has been in continual flow since God was God and is still prompting life to respond. I trust that you will come to know that you are a primary gift in this cycle process. I trust that you will see yourself as a necessary gift in this eternal process. You have value in this eternal movement because this is:

A Personal-Practical Principle  

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38 KJV.  

We are at the starting point of this principle’s cycle movement, and at this point you are the important person. God’s cycle of blessing is a revolving, revolutionizing reality that when properly considered gives a whole new perspective about living.

“Give, and it shall be given unto you …” The family and its home become an excellent starting place to begin exampling this personal-practical principle of Luke 6:38. Fathers should be givers, in like fashion, the wife and the parent’s example should be taught to their children. A family of givers is a principled derivative of Luke 6:38. Families with principles negate the tragic themes of our day where we find so many families fragmented. Fragmented families are usually headless, thus, there is a strained hope for the body of that family. In giving His life for the church, and the subsequent fragmentation or scattering of the sheep, (see Mark 14:27), Jesus’ teaching emphasizes that the heads of families, like that of the church must give of themselves for the life of the ones they love, (see Ephesians 5:23-33).


I Timothy 5:8 says, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (KJV). Provide is prom-er-im-nah’  in the greek and means to care in advance or thinking of those you love in advance of necessary action and helping them to maintain what has been acquired. Such a mentality of a family head is a blessing to a family. The text suggests that this family head should be a male by the inference of “his” in the text. But suppose there is not a male head in your family. 


      You may be a female and head of your household, well, if this is your lot, here is some biblical and scriptural support. Romans 16: 1,2 relate a brief but full and enriching example of Phoebe. History records that she had become a convert of Paul, attended to him and others and was a business woman/widow of consideration and wealth as well. Of memorable note, she carried what we know as the Book of Romans from Paul at Cenchreae to the saints at Rome. Being a female does not disqualify you from being the head of the household. As a matter of fact, the role of females is that of “helping” the male to “meet” the family’s fullness, Proverbs 31: 13-31. Taken from the “rib” of Adam, Eve embodied the theology of ribology which has become the biblical principle for male/female bonding in marriage. This concept is Cleaving, Genesis 2:24. Cleaving, daw-bak’, is the process inherent in this theology of ribology and means to cling, abide fast and be joined- “the two of them become like one person. 

It should be a personal-practical principle when the husband-wife work in partnership to fashion a clinging, abiding and joined family. Husbands should take this responsibility personal, and the wife likewise. The practicality of this principle undergirds the lifeline of the family. No greater picture of beauty could one ever see is one which is of a husband and wife fulfilling this practical principle. The practice of clinging, abiding and being joined is a powerful model to be duplicated by the children. This heritage of stability must be passed on as an heirloom in every family. Any other practice which disrupts the stability of family life and inhibits its sanctity should be nullified. Godly safeguards are given in God’s word and should be adhered to.


     Children are personal with God. They are in need of oversight, care and provisions. We must also remember that what is personal with God should become personal with us. Here are some parental directives given to some select children. I hasten to suggest that every parent should read Proverbs 22 in its entirety. The depth of insight should be lessons we lead our children to turn into bedtime wisdom nuggets. If a child can take a nugget of wisdom with them as they sleep at night, they will wake up with cornerstones for daily living. Here is an example. We have heard, stated and quoted Proverbs 22:6 hundreds of times over the years. “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” This is the proper ethic for quality parenting. But continue to read. Look at the verse ahead of it and the verse after it. First v. 5, “Thorns and snares are in the way of the forward: he that doth keep his soul shall be far from them”. Our children must be taught to detect the thorns and snares of life. This is a guard for success our children must be apprized of. Then we come to verse 6 which is the training we should carry them through which alerts them to the thorns and snares. But the next verse has to do with the financial mentality a child should be apprized of early. It says, “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender”.  Just this brief examination of three verses prompts one to go a little deeper. With the degeneration of values and ethics among Generation X, parents need to ensure that Generation Next are properly prepared.

I Chronicles 28:1-20 is the account of God’s personal selection of Solomon to build the Temple, after David his father, worked to perfect the plans. At this time King David stood before the people and proclaimed Solomon’s ascension to the throne of the Kingdom of the Lord over Israel (28:5). At the same time he told the people that God would not allow him to build the temple because he had been a “man of war, and had shed blood” (28:30). Thus, the God of Israel chose Solomon to build his house and his courts: for God had chosen him to be his son, and he would be his father (28:6). But the key factor to Solomon’s fulfillment of this holy task was dependent upon his obedience to the commandments and judgments of God. 

Two very personal expressions are indicated which moved the heart of God. David indicated them to Solomon, “My son, know thou the God of thy father, and serve Him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind for the Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thought: if thou seek Him He will be found of thee; but if thou forsake Him, He will cast thee off forever” (28:9).  A perfect heart and a willing mind are necessary to be in right relation with God. Such virtues speak of the essence of that relationship. In Hebrew perfect heart is laev-sha-Iaem and willing mind is translated as neh-fesh kha-feh-tsah, which also literally mean willingly, with pleasure, gladly. These expressions describe the practical essence of one’s regard for God and that relationship. It is generic with the qualities Jesus outlined in Matthew 22:37, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” KJV. It is again reiterated by Paul concerning the liberality extol1ed by the churches of Macedonia. “Moreover, brethren, we do you to wit of the grace of God bestowed on the churches of Macedonia; How that in a great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality. For to their power, 1 bear record, yea, and beyond their power they were willing of themselves; Praying us with much entreaty that we would receive the gift, and take upon us the fellowship of the ministering to the saints. And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God” 2 Corinthians 8:1-5 KJV. Before you can receive from God, you first must be in right relationship with him. Personal1y practice this and then see the principle of God begin to work for you.











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Ministry Leaders Workshop 2012 ~ I Cor. 12:12-27

Shalom Baptist Church would like to extend an invitation for the Ministry Leaders of your church to attend their 2012 Ministry Leaders Workshop.  The Workshop Theme is “Working Together to Build the Church” and will be held Saturday Jan. 28, 2012-9am until 1pm. A continental breakfast will be served from 9am-9:45 and the workshop will begin promptly at 10am. The donation is $10 and includes workshop materials and lunch.

Dr. Ronnie D. Joyner, D.Min. pastor of The Philadelphia Fellowship, former President of The Tidewater Metro Baptist Minister’s Conference as well as past President of the Division of Clergy of the Baptist General Convention of VA. Dr. Joyner is author of Functioning As A Deaconess as well as Lessons in Family Development.

Dr. Joyner says, “part of our challenge on Saturday is to be sensitive to our times while being true to God’s Word. We will do a serious diagnosis of what we call The John the Baptist Principle and  merge the prophetic with the praxis as we build the 21st Century Church”. Additionally, Pastor Joyner, who led his first congregation in a major renovation of their church plant, built a $1.3 million dollar 15,000 sq. ft. Educational Center at his second parish and presently raising funds to enter, “debt free”, the first phase of the 25,000 sq.ft. Philadelphia Fellowship House of Worship and Ministry Center, will reveal a Biblically based Capital Stewardship Campaign.

This is going to be a major event. Get there if you can- Shalom Baptist Church 1111-24th Street Newport News, VA 23607 (757) 245-2447 Derrick Perkins, Sr., Pastor. 


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Breaking Free From Financial Bondage

In a day of economic highs and lows, what does the Bible say about Stewardship?  This examination of some biblical texts will help us undergird ourselves with biblical stability. Biblical Stewardship is not divorced from these times of recession and depression our country and the world are confronted with, but rather, affirms that biblical answers are available to guide us through these times. 

      Stewardship is a life encompassing concept. It not only deals with dollars and cents, but it has everything to do with our total person. If we are not good stewards, all that we handle will not have meaning nor value. Herein, we will be careless, unconcerned and prone to make burdensome mistakes with all that comes into our hands to manage.

     There are many who find it hard to hold on to what comes into their hands. I believe you want to be able to control what comes into your hands to the best of your ability Am I right or wrong? Your willingness to receive the proper spiritual support and guidance is what will help you to become a good steward. For too long we all have been bad stewards. In this regard, you should want the best teacher and the best teaching to inform you and your abilities. The best teacher is our Wise Owner-God, and the best teaching is found in His Word – The Holy Bible.


     In this pastoral work, I am offering counsel which has been developed from my 34 years in the gospel ministry. I am not a certified financial planner, but, I am writing from interaction with prayer requests, bible study questions, pastoral pre-marital counseling, excuses for non-participation in the financial support of the church, financially stripped members, building expansion ministries and those who just do not know what to do with a dollar. I share with a I Timothy 3:5 perspective, “For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?” KJV.

     I am also writing from a prophetic perspective. A great wave of anointed prosperity is about to be released in the Body of Christ! The End Time is ushering in the need for financing the gospel message “And this good news of the kingdom (the Gospel) will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then will come the end” Matt. 24:14 Amplified.

     Toward this end, the Body of Christ has to be ready as stewards to manage this increase with a Kingdom Perspective. So, it is important that each individual gird up their loins in this kingdom requirement. Each family must secure this trait in their dispositions as reflecting the light of this End Time demeanor. Each church must position itself not only to preach debt cancellation, but be pro-active in being an example itself and lead its members in the same direction. Such a calling will usher in Our King. This work is also written from personal experience. I have not always been able to say what I am saying in this work, nor could I recommend such. It has been a blessing for me to release this information from my spirit and into yours.

     This may be a bible study to some, it may be a sermon of sorts, my desire is that it will be a source of Good News. I want you to say, “I got this just in time to make some key decisions” or I wish I could have had this 5 years ago, maybe I would be further down the road.

     When you turn these pages, you will find inspiration, information and a call for introspection. Freedom from the bondage caused by ignorance “in just knowing how to live” is truly a refreshing quest. It is my prayer you will obtain yours.  What more will you find as you turn the page?

     In this submission I will deal with The Problem as the request has been made I Need A Financial Blessing. In my second submission we will explore The Promise There Is A Way Out. The Role of the third submission is to help you get established in The Principle of stewardship as outlined in The Luke 6:38 Stewardship Principle. Our last concern will showcase The Plan ~  Cooperative Economics. Being in bondage is not the will of God for your life, getting out is. I pray that your Exodus from the Egypt of Economic Slavery will allow you to cross the Red Sea of Revelation and Redemption, and as you enter into your new Freedom, that the God who made it all possible will be Glorified.

Please Note: This blog is the Introductory Statement of my new revised book of the same title. Let’s stay in touch, I want to make sure you get a copy.  God Bless.

Here is one hour of prayer for you and everything attached to you, In Jesus Name!






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The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) Rev. 3:7-13

The Planting of a Church based on scripture: Part One:

7And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia

write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and

no man openeth;

8I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

9Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that

I have loved thee.

10Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

11Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

12Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him

my new name.

13He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

                                                                                                                                                       Revelation 3:7-13 KJV.

Revelation 3:7-13 is our biblical text of origin. The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) was formed out of a prayer meeting held on June 7, 2000 at the Campostella Elementary School in Norfolk VA.  Pastor Ronnie D. Joyner called the prayer meeting and became the church planter.  156 persons were in attendance and out of that number 153 persons became Founding Members.

     On Sunday June 11 we held our first Worship Experience and when the call to discipleship was offered, 128 persons Covenanted us.  Throughout the month of June some 336 persons joined us and The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) was birthed.  Our membership has grown to over 510 documented persons.  After moving to eleven locations in eleven years, we have maintained a committed Worship before God, while seeking stability.

     The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) was recognized as a church within the Baptist Covenant on September 29, 2000 at the Indian River High School.  Our Home Church, Trinity Baptist and its Pastor Olleo Cromwell, II of Chesapeake, VA performed the Recognition Rite. Pastor Cromwell delivered the Recognition Sermon and the service was supported by other invited sisterhood of churches and pastoral leaders Affirming the Recognition.  In November 2000 we aligned with the Baptist General Convention of Virginia headquartered in Richmond, Va. and its more than 1100 affiliated churches.

     On August 31, 2001 The Ronnie D. Joyner Ministries, Inc., the parent ministry of The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist), received its 501(a) federal income tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c) (3).

     On December 14, 2001 we celebrated our closing on the 3.16 acres of land located at 808 Providence Road in Chesapeake, VA.  It is here that we Will Build our House of Worship and Ministry Center-( …


Revelation 3:7-13 is our biblical text of origin. The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) was formed out of a prayer meeting held on June 7, 2000 at the Campostella Elementary School in Norfolk VA.  Pastor Ronnie D. Joyner called the prayer meeting and became the church planter.  156 persons were in attendance and out of that number 153 persons became Founding Members.

     On Sunday June 11 we held our first Worship Experience and when the call to discipleship was offered, 128 persons Covenanted us.  Throughout the month of June some 336 persons joined us and The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) was birthed.  Our membership has grown to over 510 documented persons.  After moving to eleven locations in eleven years, we have maintained a committed Worship before God, while seeking stability.

     The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) was recognized as a church within the Baptist Covenant on September 29, 2000 at the Indian River High School.  Our Home Church, Trinity Baptist and its Pastor Olleo Cromwell, II of Chesapeake, VA performed the Recognition Rite. Pastor Cromwell delivered the Recognition Sermon and the service was supported by other invited sisterhood of churches and pastoral leaders Affirming the Recognition.  In November 2000 we aligned with the Baptist General Convention of Virginia headquartered in Richmond, Va. and its more than 1100 affiliated churches.

     On August 31, 2001 The Ronnie D. Joyner Ministries, Inc., the parent ministry of The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist), received its 501(a) federal income tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c) (3).

     On December 14, 2001 we celebrated our closing on the 3.16 acres of land located at 808 Providence Road in Chesapeake, VA.  It is here that we Will Build our House of Worship and Ministry Center-( …<div style=”font-size: 11px;padding-top:10px;text-align:center;width:560px”>Watch live streaming video from hjoy at</div>





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A Message To Herman Cain From “Aunt Dorothy”

I don’t know who “Aunt Dorothy” is, but that name appeared in the e-mail I received bearing these sentiments.

The greeting on your website says, “we are looking forward to hearing from you”, but I’m not sure you will be lookingforward to hearing from me, Mr. Cain. 

I saw on the internet that you called the President a liar. I deplore what you are doing and the things you are saying about the President in order to gain favor with these greedy, thieving, selfish, Republicans. How dare you call President Obama a liar. You are a pathetic, obviously brainwashed black man who has lost his way and his mind. You have had opportunity and a smattering of privilege in America that has made you forget your roots. I despise people like you and Clarence Thomas, and you both have Georgia roots.  

What is it with you black men from the south who grow up in an oppressed environment and end up siding with the oppressor? The recent case of Troy Davis in Georgia is an excellent example of the present day oppression and legal lynching that still takes place in that state and in this country. The political party that you praise so highly is presently enacting laws to suppress the black vote, the student vote, and many elderly voters across this entire country. Yet, you choose to stand with people who display such obscene and un-American behavior. You would throw black people (including the President of the U.S.) and others under the bus to curry favor with these non-caring and hedonistic people.  

You were there when your Republican cohorts cheered about the death penalty which disproportionately affects black men and women in this country – some of whom have been proven to be innocent. You should be ashamed to stand with these people and yet, you appear to be proud of such an association.  

Yes, President Obama does believe in fairness and sharing the responsibility of the tax burden, it is not socialism nor is it class warfare, and he is not a liar for saying it. That kind of rhetoric from you and those with whom you identify is nothing more than a weak defense for the greedy and despicable philosophy that you choose to embrace.  

You had the unmitigated gall to tell Wolf Blitzer on CNN that two thirds of African-American people are brainwashed and incapable of thinking for themselves. You are surely touched in the head. The millions of us who are capable of thinking for ourselves – we know who is really brainwashed – you – brainwashed whiter than snow. 

Do you really think those people with whom you stand on the debating platform really respect you and see you as their equal? They as well as others see you as a joke and a person who is engaging in buffoonery. A Republican majority House and Senate would never pass your “so called” 999 plan. They would never deem it in their best interest. Besides, there are many who believe your plan is a coded message from Satan. If you flip the numbers they become the 666 plan.  

You will never be President of this country, and I thank God for that. I must say, you certainly live up to your last name. Just as Cain in the Bible so blatantly slew his brother, you are equally willing to do the same politically and economically to millions of black and middle class citizens of this country. Such behavior is extremely ugly, and need I remind you, Mr. Cain, that God does not like <script type=”text/javascript” src=” 

P.S. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m having a nice day, I would tell you what I really think about you.

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Eight Keys To A New Season

Key Number 4: Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom.  For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you” NKJV.

This fourth key out of eight is the centerpiece. The three keys which preceded it, Exodus 14:15,16; John 2:1-10 and Malachi 3:10 are what we call the Premise of Our Instruction and Psalm 50:14,15: Matthew 7:7; Proverbs 3:5,6; and Romans 12:12 comprise the Performance of our Instruction.

6-Only_Believe-God’s_Cycle_Of_Blessing.mp3 Listen on Posterous

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Seven Days Toward Breakthrough

Can the Bible supply answers during these times? I think so, especially for those who will trust the God of the Bible to deliver on those promises His word makes, 2 Chronicles 15:2, “And he went out to meet Asa, and said unto him, Hear ye me, Asa and all Judah and Benjamin; The Lord is with you, while ye be with him; and if ye seek him, he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him, he will forsake you.” KJV 

On Sunday Sept. 25, in search for answers, we searched 2 Kings 4:1-7 especially v. 2, “And Elisha said unto her, What shall I do for thee? tell me, what hast thou in the house? And she said, Thine handmaid hath not anything in the house, save a pot of oil” KJV.

On Sunday Oct. 2 we will celebrate Victory Sunday! ~ Joshua 6. Following the Biblical directive, in order to obtain the same kind of outcome as did Joshua and the children of Israel, we must adhere to verses 3-5, “And ye shall compass the city, all ye men of war, and go round about the city once. Thus shalt thou do six days. And seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets of rams’ horns: and the seventh day ye shall compass the city seven times, and the priests shall blow with the trumpets. And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long blast with the ram’s horn, and when ye hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city shall fall down flat, and the people shall ascend up every man straight before him” KJV.

We are compassing the recession and its affects, debt and its drawbacks, foreclosure as a consequence of our times, sickness as part of the psychological fall out and the economy as a prohibition to the inherent good ordained by God to be in our homes. Toward that end we are asking each member of our congregation to list the seeming inpenetratable areas of their personal lives and households, bring it with them of Sunday, representing The Walls of Jericho. We are going to place those lists at our feet and march around them Seven times, “So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city”  v. 20 KJV.

Shofar_Sound_Quality_High_-_YouTube.mp3 Listen on Posterous

In addition to the Rams’ horn: Our Seven Priests will “… lift up their voices like a trumpet, …” Isa. 58:1 and read with strength and conviction the Seven Textswe have lifted for the last Seven Days.

From Sunday Sept. 25th ~ 2 Kings 4:1-7                Elder Mary Lassiter

From Monday Sept. 26th ~ I Chronicles 4:9,10        Min. Kennedy Abbott

From Tuesday Sept. 27th ~ Joshua 6                     Min. Reynard Boise

From Wednesday Sept. 28th ~ Psalm 112:3           Min. James Fayton

From Thursday Sept. 29th ~ Psalm 122:7               Min. Julian Joyner

From Friday Sept. 30 ~ Matt. 5:15                          Min. Ronnie Joyner, II

From Saturday Oct. 1 ~ Luke 4:38                          Pastor Ronnie D. Joyner

For Sunday Oct. 2 ~ Lord, Release Your Victory Word through Pastor Joyner!

Here is our video overview:<div style=”font-size: 11px;padding-top:10px;text-align:center;width:560px”>Watch live streaming video from hjoy at</div>


Our Prayer: O Lord, grant thy people the practical results from the practice of Your Word in this day, In Jesus Name, Amen.


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